About us

Welcome to Rising Moon Horse Retirement

Rising Moon Horse Retirement is a 21 acre ranch located in Tehachapi, CA offering full-care and partial-care horse boarding for retired senior horses. We are located within the private community of Bear Valley Springs situated on the valley floor and surrounded by the beautiful Tehachapi mountains.

At our ranch we provide loving attention and care for horses in need of a healthy and happy retirement. Horses will be part of a herd and have unencumbered access to food, water and shelter.

The pastures consist of one 4 acre dry lot as well as 11 acres of seasonal non-irrigated grazing forage with multiple pasture sheds and shelters.

The caretakers live onsite allowing for constant care and monitoring of horses. Live cameras are situated around the property and visible via a password protected website at all times. Your horse will be treated as family and will have daily hands on attention.

Our goal at Rising Moon Horse Retirement is to allow horses to live a happy and healthy life while allowing their families peace of mind.

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